Introducing Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation

Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation have launched a brand new website to help keep you guys safe from the threat of criminal drone activity.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the team at Blue Whale Media, a leading website design company in Warrington that took on our project and exceeded our expectations in every possible way.

From the very start, the guys at Blue Whale Media were attentive and helpful throughout the whole process and incorporated all of our ideas into the final build.

The end result for us is a great looking, user friendly website that gives users a great experience.

So, what is great about our new website?

Custom Designed Graphics

The team at Blue Whale Media created custom graphics for our new website. The custom graphics help to engage and inform users about the many facets of drone detection and mitigation.

The home page has been completely redesigned to increase engagement and raise awareness for the problem of criminal drone activity.

Fully Social Media Integrated  

The new Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation is now fully social media integrated.

This means that if you visit our website, you can jump onto our Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels with a click of a button.

Mobile and Google Friendly!

With over half of internet searches now being made from mobile phones or tablets, it is massively important that websites are fully mobile supported. Our new website is now fully mobile and Google friendly, this means that if you visit our page from a desktop computer, a laptop, a phone or any other device-the experience is not impaired. 

A Dedicated News and Blog Section

Our new website features a dedicated blogs and news section. You can expect this section of our website to be regularly updated with blogs and news relating to the world of drones as well as what is happening on our end.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for regular updates and blogs, we will also be sharing them across our social media channels.

GDPR and SSL Certificate Certified 

Our website is fully protected by an SSL certificate which means that all data inputted into our website is encrypted and secure.

The website is also fully GDPR compliant, which means that when you use our website, you can request to take and delete your data.

Social Media Integration 

Our website is now fully social media integrated. This means that you can jump from website to Facebook, to Twitter to any other accounts with a mere click of the button.

We included this integration so you can keep up with Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation and what’s happening on our end easily.

We love our new website and hope you do to and we welcome any feedback you might have.