Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems

Building Fabrication PIDS (Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems)

For sites that require an enhanced level of protection an Eclipse Digital Solutions Perimeter Intruder Detection System will provide a constant watch on your site’s perimeter. It also has the capability of providing an early detection should there be a breach.

Experienced in deploying and maintaining PIDS in various scenarios such as national infrastructure, high security sites and commercial locations. Each system we install goes through an intensive design process factoring in the physical requirements, environmental analysis in addition to performance and verification requirements required by the client before moving to installation, testing and commissioning stages.

Examples of hostile activities detected by a PIDS syste might include unaided climbing, rope or ladder aided climbing, drilling, chiselling, or digging under the wall. Historically, protection of perimeter walls has relied on technologies such as active/passive infra-red detection, microwave detection, video motion detection, or systems requiring additional structures such as fences to be attached to the wall to achieve detection.

We are experienced in integrating PIDS systems into both IP and thermal imaging CCTV systems for detection with video analytics and visual verification both locally or off site.