Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

We install under vehicle scanning systems which provide our clients with the perfect solution to scan, inspect, and digitally record the underside of vehicles. In today’s world, we are facing increased threat from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism. We must protect ourselves against these threats by increased security measures and the efficiency and quality of your security staff can be considerably enhanced by using modern technology.

If your premises are worth securing according to the highest standards, it’s worth talking to us about how under vehicle inspection system can enable your security staff to perform high quality and highly efficient inspection against explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband hidden under vehicles from entering your site.

We can install both fixed and temporary installations allowing increased security levels at special events. Temporary installations offer advantages such as:

• Flexible deployment and application.

• Fast and easy assembly and disassembly as well as uncomplicated transportation.

• Available with durable light aluminium ramps or with very robust rubber pads.

• For all vehicle weight classes and track widths.

Whilst fixed installations offer:

• Continuous control of the underside of all incoming vehicles.

• No need for the operator to use mirrors on a stick or get into the dirty and wet inspection pits.

• For all vehicle weight classes and track widths.

• Easy to install, installation depth of the standard scanner housing is only 15 centimetres.